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Sustainability and Design Ethics

Product Code/ISBN: 9781439808542

The amount of sustainability a company devotes itself to can be a big decision. Sustainability can affect your bottom line and come out more expensive in the long run, but it can also be worth it to prevent hazards for future generations. So where do you draw the line? How much do you devote to it? These questions and more are answered in this incredibly powerful manual Sustainability and Design Ethics. Covering everything that has to do with green design this book will not only bring up the arguments for sustainability, but also the arguments against such as cost and effeciency.

Use this incredible manual to decided whether or not the road to sustainability is worth it for you and your company.

Table of Contents

1. Why Does Prometheus Suffer?

Sustainability and Design

Why Sustainability is Needed


2. Professional Ethics

What is a Profession?

Evaluating Codes of Ethics

Sustainability and the Ethical Challenges for Designers



3. Is There an Ethical Obligation to Act Sustainably? Theories of Ethics

What Obligations Do We Have to Other Living Things?

Utilitarian Views of Nature


Who Owns the Environment?

Role of Professional Standards


4. The Design Professional and Organizations

Balancing Obligation and Opportunity

The Descent of Corporate Obligation

Justification for a Whistle-Blower


5. The Choice for Sustainability

The Design Professional as Leader

Sustainability and Obligation

Sustainability and Design Ethics


6. The Precautionary Principle and Design

Moral Underpinnings of the Precautionary Principles

Precautionary Principle and Design

What Do We Owe the Future?

Duty to Prevent Harm

Precaution and Design


7. Flourishing

What Ought We to Do?

Designer as Teacher

Design Values

Designer as Student