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Technical Sketching and Drawing

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826911643

Technical Sketching and Drawing presents both the basic and advanced skills needed to visually communicate technical information with speed and accuracy. This text/workbook combines sketching principles with fundamental drawing techniques to teach a variety of visual communication methods.

It addresses practical and commonly used skills as well as introducing more advanced concepts. Offering a series of progressive technical drawing techniques, the textbook provides learners with the capabilities and knowledge needed to develop their skills.

Technical Sketching and Drawing includes review questions and activities that enable hands-on application of the concepts presented. Packed with step-by-step drawing instructions, this textbook illustrates both fundamental and advanced concepts and includes photographs and technical tips that complement the content.

A CD-ROM is included with Technical Sketching and Drawing and contains information to supplement the textbook. Click on the image of the CD below to view the CD Sampler.