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The General Contractor: How to be a Great Success or Failure

Product Code/ISBN: 9780985154400

Joe Eagan share his secrets for success in the construction contracting business. With fourty-five years in the construction industry, Joe rose from apprentice to senior management and ownership positions at several large construction companies.

With this book:

  • You can learn from Joe's decades of experience in witnessing the building and destruction of the fragile bond of trust between the general contractor, employees, and customers
  • You'll find out how to uncover the traits of successful contractors, the reasons that customers issue construction contracts - other than the low bid price, and how to build and maintain loyal customers
  • You'll find step-by-step instruction on making an effective presentation that gets you the contract
  • You'll better understand the principles and importance of true leadership and how to apply in your own jobs

Find out how to analyze the type of customer you serve - are they logical or emotional? Learn how to create lasting relationships with your customers that pay off over years. You'll also learn the secrets to preparing for and making award-winning presentations that win you the job over other contractors.

If you want to succeed at construction contracting you need the experiences and techniques presented in this book!