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Time-Saver Details for Store Planning and Design

Product Code/ISBN: 70043868

Here for the first time ever is a comprehensive collection of detailed drawings -- 20 in full color -- for virtually every design component you need to create an attractive, sales-enhancing environment in any type of store. In Time-Saver Details for Store Planning and Design, Vilma Barr and Charles Broudy, FAIA, reveal how to combine floor layouts, product displays, and storage fixtures that attract customer attention, add perceived value to merchandise, and build sales.

Inside, you'll find insights on designing all types of store components, including:

  • Display structures
  • Interior finishing
  • Architectural elements
  • Creating floor plans and layouts for everything from supermarkets to jewelry stores
  • Using lighting to create dozens of different looks
  • Developing effective retail "outposts" such as mall kosks and standalon displays
  • Meeting ADA guidelines
  • And much more!

You'll also find helpful hints at arrangement and placement of store shelves, kiosks, and casework. Store owners are even given tips on how best to present items for sale in the hopes of attracting buyers. Twenty chapters explain how a different type of store (apparel, hardware, jewelry, food and baked goods, etc.) should be arranged for maximum marketing. The book then diagrams out each type of store with helpful pointers for the best type of display of the products.