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Time-Saver Standards Site Constuction Details Manual

Product Code/ISBN: 70170398

This efficiency-boosting resource gives you fast access to 350 of the most commonly used site construction details. Details for curbs, steps, lighting fixtures, walls, and much more are ready to be copied from the convenient spiral-bound, lie-flat format.

In addition, Time-Saver Standards Site Constuction Details Manual offers you a clear view of each detail both in section and in a photograph of a sample installation.

To further simplify and speed up your design and adaptation work, each clear, standard-scaled detail is accompanied by:

  • Full data on cost
  • CSI Masterformat reference
  • Applications
  • Installation
  • Intensity of use and substrate constraints
  • Maintenance and climatological requirements
  • And other relevant considerations

Perfect for on-site consultation or desktop at-a-glance reference, as well as time-saving adaptation to documents, Site Construction Details Manual gives landscape, design, and construction professionals the comprehensive selection of details they need, right where they need it.

Any way you look at it, this all-in-one detail anthology is an invaluable on-the-job tool. One that you'll definitely want to keep within reach. And it's a handy companion to the popular Landscape Construction Details CD-ROM!