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TMS 402/602 Building Code Req and Specs Masonry Structures 2022

Product Code/ISBN: 9781929081653

TMS 402/602-22 Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures contains two standards and their commentaries: Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (TMS 402-22) and Specification for Masonry Structures (TMS 602-22). The Code (TMS 402) covers the design and construction of masonry structures while the Specification (TMS 602) is concerned with minimum construction requirements for masonry in structures.

The new 2022 edition has been updated throughout for new referenced standards, including ASCE/SEI 7-22 and numerous ASTM Standards. Other major changes to the TMS 402/602-22 include:

New, more rational, masonry veneer provisions
New Appendix D on composite reinforcement in masonry
Updated and refined provisions throughout, including compression-controlled section requirements