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Tom Henry's 2017 Key Word Index

Product Code/ISBN: 414

This reference has a unique index based on specific nomenclature about the 2017 National Electrical Code. This well documented book will aid you find anything electrical, very quickly, in the 2017 National Electrical Code.

More specifically, every written word in the book, 2017 the National Electrical Code it put to a reference index with page numbers that briefly explains what each word means and how to know when to use what word based on the context of your situation. This book is a good studying tool and is crafted specifically to increase the readers speed and ability to cohesively react and respond by helping you become familiar with the common and popular nomenclature used in the 2017 National Electrical Code.

Tom Henry's key word index for the 2017 National Electrical Code will help the reader find over 2,780 key words or key nomenclature in the National Electrical Code as efficiently as possible. If you are looking to take a timed electrical exam then you are in luck because this book is specifically designed to increase the readers speed by getting familiar with the instructions, it would be ideal; to shave your search time into seconds over minutes. This key word index also includes references for key words not listed in the back of the code book.

This book, the key word index, also includes citations for specific key words not shown in the back of the National Electrical Code. Use this book to help learn and become the most efficient and capable person possible.

If you are having trouble with your timed open-book electrical exam. You should really look into using this book, the Keyword Index Based on the 2017 NEC. It will help you understand what all the words mean precisely and efficiently. Before this book, one may spend minutes, five or more or less just looking for a reference answer. And on a timed test that is no good. One has to understand that the faster you find the information you are looking for the longer you have on the analytical part of the question.