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Turf Maintenance Facility Design and Management

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470081051

Turf maintenance and facilitating can be a difficult job, especially when there aren’t too many texts and resources to go off of.  Turf Maintenance Facility Design and Management is a great book to have at your disposal.  It will teach you how to set up, operate, and maintain the turf you are in charge of.  It goes over the role of a turf manager and even covers the different operations and materials common used in the field. 

Complete with photos and illustrations to help you grasp the core concepts of your responsibilities, this is a great book for anyone involved in the turf industry!

Table of Contents

1. The Role of the Turf Equipment Manager

The Management Team
The Turf Equipment Manager as the Team Psychologist
Future Roles
Sports Turf Facilities

2. Maintenance Facility and Shop Design

Site Selection
Sample Layouts
Design, Construction and Selling Your Design to Management
Remodeling Older Facilities
Meeting Regulations and Zoning
How to Allow for Expansion
Functional Interior Space
Zonal Concept
Equipment Storage Area
Office Space
Lounge and Break Rooms
How the Maintenance Facility Sets the Example

3. Preventive Maintenance

What is PM
Setting up a PM Systems
The Effects of No PM
Well Trained Operators as a Resource
The Technicians Roles in PM
Sample Documents

4. Reel Technology

Reel Mower Precision vs. Rotary Mower Simplicity
Grinding Methods
Back Lapping
Grinding Equipment
Adjusting for Height of Cut
Tire Pressure
Rotary Blades – Wear – Sharpening

5. Selecting Tools and Equipment for the Shop

The Right Equipment for Your Shop
Must Have Tools
Special Tools

6. Problems and Suggestions

A Simple Diagnostic Technique
Inventory Control and Logistics
Preventive Maintenance and Time Management
Respect and the Technician

7. Training Equipment Operators

Where to Find Good Operators
Training Equipment Operators

8. Filling the Turf Equipment Manager Position

Lack of Career Awareness
High Schools as a Resource
Postsecondary Programs
Succession Planning

9. Safety Regulations and Regulatory Agencies

Clean and Organized is Safer and More Efficient
Assistance from Regulatory Agencies and Your Insurance Carrier
Handling Fuels and Oils
Chemical Handling
Recycling and Detoxification
Hazardous Materials Record Keeping
Accident Prevention
Accident Reports and Reporting
First Aid and First Responders

10. Conclusions

About the Authors