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Turfgrass Installation, Management and Maintenance

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071410083

Turfgrass can make or break your golf course or that picture perfect front lawn.  Don’t cut corners, grab Turfgrass Installation, Management and Maintenance to make sure you are applying the best practices in the industry.  This essential text will help you learn more about the maintenance and care for your turfgrass areas.  It will give you all the best information when it comes to the solutions and problems encountered and how to overcome them.  From soil types and plan species to lawn care and pest management this book is your one-stop-shop to everything turfgrass. To enhance your understanding this guide comes with photos, tables, drawings and charts to make sure you understand the necessary steps to make your turfgrass the best around. 


When it comes to golf course, having the best turfgrass available not only enhances your game but it makes your business competitive.  The golf competition if fierce on and off the fairways, so make sure and do everything you can to keep yourself competitive.  Turfgrass Installation, Management and Maintenance is the perfect guide to add into your daily routine of cleaning up the course.  If you are a home owner with turfgrass installed, there is no better way to keep up with the maintenance than this guide.  So do yourself a favor and grab your copy today!


Table of Contents

  1. Soils
  2. Plant Biology
  3. Turfgrass Species
  4. Careers in Turfgrass
  5. Cultural Practices
  6. Turf Establishment
  7. Residential and Homeowner Lawn Care Business
  8. Commercial Lawn Care
  9. Turf in the Landscape
  10. Irrigation
  11. Golf Course Management
  12. The Putting Green
  13. Fairways
  14. The Teeing Ground
  15. Topdressing
  16. Soil and Water Testing
  17. Pesticide Application
  18. Pest Management for Turfgrass
  19. Weeds Found in the Turf and Landscapes
  20. Basic Chemical and Pesticide Principles
  21. Disease Problems and Fungicides Used in Turfgrass
  22. INDEX