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Urban Bikeway Design Guide, Second Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781610915656

The Urban Bikeway Design Guide has been created based on experiences around the world in the best cities for cycling. With a brand new layout with four different colors and a complete re-design to make it more accessible this is the guide you need for your next city project.  Cycling and other alternatives are becoming more popular with rising gas prices and increased harm to the environment.  Cities are expected to renovate and maintain upkeep of cycling environments and access, and this is a great must-have guide to help you along your way.

The suggestions and topics discussed in this book are based on real-life experiences and will help you understand more and meet your goals to create a better biking environment. Praised by some of the best in the business, you don’t want to start your next project without it!

Table of Contents



1. Bike Lanes

Conventional Bike Lanes
Buffered Bike Lanes
Contra-Flow Bike Lanes
Left-Side Bike Lanes

2. Cycle Tracks

One-Way Protected Cycle Tracks
Raised Cycle Tracks
Two-Way Cycle Tracks

3. Intersections

Bike Boxes
Intersection Crossing Markings
Two-Stage Turn Queue Boxes
Median Refuge Island
Through Bike Lanes
Combined Bike Lane/Turn Lane
Cycle Track Intersection Approach

4. Signals

Bicycle Signal Heads
Signal Detection and Actuation
Active Warning Beacon for Bike Route at
Unsignalized Intersection
Hybrid Beacon for Bike Route Crossing of Major Street

5. Signing and Marking

Colored Bike Facilities
Colored Pavement Material Guidance
Shared Lane Markings
Bike Route Wayfinding

6. Bicycle Boulevards

Route Planning
Signs and Pavement Markings
Speed Management
Volume Management
Minor Street Crossings
Major Street Crossings
Offset Intersections
Green Infrastructure



Design Guide Project Teams