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Urban Street Design Guide

Product Code/ISBN: 9781610914949

A guide that will help you to keep safety the priority of your street design and work harmoniously with biking, walking, transit, driving, and public activity. It will help you understand the foundation that streets are more than just for transportation and need to be incorporated into the role of a public place. With over 44 pictures and illustrations to help you understand, this is a great guide for anyone involved in street planning or infrastructure.

Table of Contents


About the Guide


Street Design Principles

Key Principles
Phases of Transformation
Street Design in Context
Downtown 1-Way Street
Downtown 2-Way Street
Downtown Thoroughfare
Neighborhood Main Street
Neighborhood Street
Yield Street
Residential Boulevard
Transit Corridor
Green Alley
Commercial Alley
Residential Shared Street
Commercial Shared Street

Cambridge Shared Streets

Street Design Elements

Lane Width


Sidewalk Zones
Sidewalk Design

Curb Extension

Bus Bulbs

Vertical Speed Control Elements

Speed Hump
Speed Table
Speed Cushion

Transit Streets

Dedicated Curbside/Offset Bus Lanes
Dedicated Median Bus Lanes
Contra-Flow Bus Lanes
Bus Stops

Storm Water Management

Flow-Through Planters
Pervious Strips
Pervious Pavement

Interim Design Strategies

Interim Design Strategies

Moving the Curb
From Pilot to Permanent


San Francisco Parklet Program

Temporary Street Closures

Los Angeles’s CicAvia Initiative

Interim Public Plazas

New York City Plaza Program


Intersection Design Principles

Major Intersections
Intersections of Major and Minor Streets
Raised Intersections
Mini Roundabout
Complex Intersections
Complex Intersection Analysis

Intersection Design Elements

Crosswalks and Crossings

Conventional Crosswalks
Midblock Crosswalks
Pedestrian Safety Islands

Corner Radil

Visibility/Sight Distance

Traffic Signals

Signalization Principles
Leading Pedestrian Interval
Signal Cycle Lengths

Design Controls

Design Controls

Design Speed

Speed Reduction Mechanisms

Design Vehicle

Design Hour

Design Year

Performance Measures

Functional Classification

San Francisco’s Better Streets Plan