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Urban Street Stormwater Guide

Product Code/ISBN: 9781610918121

Stormwater runoff is often an after thought when designing streets but with this guide you don’t have to sacrifice your design to make it efficient and safe for the environment and the public.  This must-have guide will go over the GSI (Green Stormwater Infrastructure) with you and help you to include it in your next project, or the design of your current project.  Excess pavement can create stormwater runoff problems and also can encourage speeding and other dangerous activates posing a safety risk to those close by. Create a safe environment with this guide today!

Table of Contents

About the Guide

How to Use the Guide


1. Streets as Ecosystems

Green Street Principles
Thinking of Streets as Ecosystems
Placemaking vs Performance
Planning the Water Network
Integrating Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Regulatory Layers

2. Sormwater Streets

The Stormwater Network
Ultra Urban Green Street
Green Transitway
Multi-Way Boulevard
Neighborhood Main Street
Neighborhood Street
Commercial Shared Street
Residential Shared Street
Green Alley
Stormwater Greenway
Industrial Street
Reclaimed Intersection

3. Designing for Stormwater

General Design Considerations for a Street
Siting GSI in the Right-of-Way
Planting Strip/Amenity Zone
Curb Extensions
Curbside Parking/Bike Lane
Travel Lanes
Floating BMPs
Green Infrstructure Elements
Bioretention with Graded Side Slopes
Bioretention with Vertical Walls
Bioretention with Hybrid Sides
Tree Wells
Tree Trenches
Permeable Pavements
Green Infrastructure Design
Length of a Bioretention Cell
Bottom Area
Presettling or Pretreatment
Inlet/Inflow Design
Overflow/Outlet Design
Trees and Plantings
Subsurface Infrastructure

4. Design Considerations

Street Hydrology and Stormwater Runoff
Volume Managed vs. Water Quality Design
Conveyance Systems
Drainage Basin Type
Geotechnical/Hydrogeological Conditions
Service and Franchise Utilities
Weather/Climate of a Region
Existing Infrastructure and Adjacent Buildings
Regulatory Framework

5. Partnerships & Performance

Citywide Plans & Strategies for Stormwater Management
Interdepartmental/Interagency Coordination
Public Outreach
Operations and Maintenance
Performance Measures