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Welding Fundamentals 5th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631263286

Welding Fundamentals has been specifically designed to provide students and welding workers with background, theory, and skills necessary to be successful in the welding industry.  Along with those topics this book will also give you a strong lesson in safety and how you can practice welding standards and stay up to code.  Welding Fundamentals gives students the information and means necessary to complete the basic welding process with efficiency as well as basic print reading, weld symbology, joint design, and thermal cutting.  It also goes over welding processes such as GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and oxyfuel welding.


The test will also help you to understand the key indicators that are associated with AWS SENSE Level-1 certification.  The presentation of the themes and topics also makes it extremely easy to teach and learn because the book can be taught in any order. This book even comes with illustrated photos to help you understand and grasp the concepts even more.


Table of Contents:

  1. Careers in Welding
  2. Safety in the Welding Shop
  3. Welding and Cutting Processes
  4. The Physics of Welding
  5. Math for Welding
  6. Math Applications for Welders
  7. Weld Joints and Positions
  8. Welding Symbols
  9. SMAW: Equipment and Supplies
  10. SMAW: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
  11. SMAW: Electrodes
  12. SMAW: Flat Welding Position
  13. SMAW: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
  14. Surfacing
  15. GMAW and FCAW: Equipment and Supplies
  16. GMAW and FCAW: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
  17. GMAW and FCAW: Flat Welding Position
  18. GMAW: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
  19. GTAW: Equipment and Supplies
  20. GTAW: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
  21. GTAW: Flat Welding Position
  22. GTAW: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
  23. Plasma Arc Cutting
  24. Oxyfuel Gas Cutting and Welding: Equipment and Supplies
  25. Oxyfuel Gas Cutting and Welding: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
  26. Oxyfuel Gas Cutting
  27. Oxyfuel Gas Welding: Flat Welding Position
  28. Oxyfuel Gas Welding: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
  29. Brazing and Braze Welding
  30. Soldering
  31. Resistance Welding: Equipment and Supplies
  32. Resistance Welding: Procedures
  33. Pipe and Tube Welding
  34. Robotics in Welding
  35. Special Welding and Cutting Processes
  36. Inspecting and Testing Welds
  37. Welder Certification