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Welding Practices and Procedures

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826929839

Looking for a must-have guide in welding?  Then Welding Practices and Procedures for the Pipe Trades is the next book you need to add to your library.  This essential text will help you understand and apply those crucial concepts in the pipe trade.  It covers welding equipment, welding practices, welding procedures, and the various tests that are performed in piping.  More specific topics that the book will cover include shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, welding metallurgy, weld evaluation, welding qualifications, welding safety, and gas tungsten arc welding as well as other welding and piping processes.  To make the topics easier and clearer to understand, this incredible book comes with illustrations as well as step-by-step procedures to help refine your technique, or teach you something new.  Enhance and expand your understanding of the welding and piping trade with Welding Practice and Procedures for the Pipe Trades! 


About the publisher:  American Technical Publishers (ATP) started off in 1898 as American Technical Safety.  R. T. Miller, JR. founded the company to publish instructional and teaching materials to use in the American School of Correspondence.  The school was founded by Miller himself the previous year. The mission behind creating the company and the school was the belief that all American should have the opportunity to complete high school and receive their diploma as well as learn skills to prepare them for career opportunities in the real world. 


When WWII came around ATS changed its focus to providing vocational training for industrial workers to help the war effort.  After the war many of the books were revised to provide the same training to public schools.  In 1980 the name of American Technical Safety changed to American Technical Publishers, Inc. through a new purchasing agreement.  They expanded their efforts to publication of textbooks and other materials needed for training.  In 2014 they were reorganized to include two different groups, the American Technical Publishers and the ATP Learning Solutions.