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Wildland Firefighting Fundamentals

Product Code/ISBN: 9781931301268

Sometimes, the smallest books are the ones that help out the most. As is the case with Wildland Firefighting Fundamentals, 2nd Edition. Everything you need to know and remember about fighting wildfires in the wildland is packed into this 84 page must-have book. After strenuous training, or years on the job you always need a refresher about the fundamentals of firefighting and the basic steps to take to save your life and the lives of those around you. A manual of fundamentals is crucial in those split second moments where you don’t have time to remember back to your training, you only have time to react.

With Wildland Firefighting Fundamentals, 2nd Edition the most important aspects of fighting wildfires are reviewed and made easy to understand. From safety to fire behavior to different firefighting methods this is the book you need not only for yourself, but for your whole team! Even if you aren’t a firefighter but you live in areas where wildfires are always a concern you can greatly benefit from this book. The brand-new second edition is an updated version of the “old standby” and comes fully indexed as well as key information that is highlighted for your convenience.

About the author: William Teie has fought his way through the ranks of firefighting from seasonal firefighter to CAL FIRE’s Deputy Director for Fire Protection throughout his 34 year career. After retirement he began working on different books using his experience to help future firefighters. His other book, The Firefighter’s Handbook on Wildland Firefighting, is considered the “bible” for beginning firefighters and those wanting to learn the basics. Brain Weatherford also worked up the ranks during his 35 year career starting as a seasonal firefighter to Chief of the Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit. Both authors have extensive experience as fire officers and officials.