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Worker Injury Third Party Cases: Recognizing and Proving Liability

Product Code/ISBN: 9781598889086

Worker Injury Third Party Cases: Recognizing and Proving Liability is a great source of information for lawyers and other parties who need to identify liability in worker injury cases.  Construction is some of the most dangerous work around, and when someone gets hurt there is always money involved.  But there is also always liability so make sure you know who is and who isn’t liable for the exact injury you have in front of you.  This is also a great guide for plaintiff and defense attorneys to recognize how strong of a case they actually have. 

If you have a cases or injuries on your hands don’t move another muscle without grabbing this book.  Knowing the person or employees who are at fault can change the course of the case. 

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Principles and Practices of Safety Management

Common Theories of Liability
Principles of Safety Management
Fundamental Elements of an Occupational Safety and Health Program

Part II – Construction Injury Cases

Understanding Causation in Construction Cases
Evaluating the Conduct of the General Contractor/Construction Manage – Standard of Care
Epidemiology of Fatal Falls From Elevation in the Construction Industry
Falls from Elevation – Residential Construction
Falls from Scaffolds, Ladders and Others
Falls During Steel Erection
Trenching and Excavation Hazards
Demolition Hazards
Injuries Involving Forklift Trucks
Public Safety in Construction

Part III – Construction Owner/Premise Cases – Standard of Care

Construction Project Owner
Premise Owner/Host Employer – Standard of Care

Part IV – Products Cases – Standard of Care

Product Safety Management of Care

Part V – Other Important Topics

Standards for Hiring of Safe Contractors
The Uses of OSHA
Evaluation of the Role of the Employer
Evaluation of the Role of the Injured Worker
Challenging the Expert – Qualifications and Method of Evaluation
Working With Your Expert


Appendix A – Safety Management Standards in Construction

Appendix B – Safety and Health Program for Small Business

Appendix C – OSHA Construction Industry Training Requirements

Appendix D – Construction Users Roundtable – Membership

Appendix E – Contractor Safety Evaluation Questionnaire

Appendix F – OSHA – Multi –Employer Citation Policy