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Your Smart Home Voyage

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826918390
Your Smart Home Voyage presents the options, applications, and choices available to enhance various rooms of a home and covers how smart devices operate and how they can work to support individual lifestyles. Smart devices can make homes safer, more energy effi cient, comfortable, and convenient. Choosing to include these devices should be based on what works best for individual home environments, personal needs, and lifestyles.

Your voyage is enhanced with colorful graphics, animations, and videos that add excitement and more detailed information. A checklist at the end of each of the fi rst nine chapters helps you plan the inclusion of smart home devices and track their use. The last chapter is a planning guide that helps you confi dently determine features, costs, and installation options for a smart home lifestyle.

QR codes located throughout the book provide access to key information to make your smart home voyage fun and exciting!