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2018 Edition of Greenbook Public Works Construction Just Released

2018 Edition of Greenbook Public Works Construction Just Released

Established as the standard for public works construction for more than 50 years

Vista, CA., Feb. 9, 2018 – BNi Building News has published a new edition of the long running Greenbook series, 2018 Greenbook: Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction.  Used primarily in Southern California, but also in other locations around the United States and Canada, the Greenbook encompasses the newest standards and materials used in public works construction. 

“Out of all the books we publish here at BNi, the Greenbook is among one of our most prized,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager John Moore, “We participate regularly on the Greenbook council and there is so much work and dedication that goes into these new editions.  We are proud to be involved with such an amazing code book.”

Some of the new additions for the 2018 version include added information on coal mining, micro mining, micro-surfacing, and updated specifications for mortar cement and separates site mix.  Part 1 has also been restructured to be more consistent with the content in Caltrans and other AASHTO-format general provisions.

The Greenbook is created by a volunteer committee of professional agency members who all have a background in technology and the construction industry.  They meet monthly to review and discuss different changes for future editions and amendments.  Participation in the meetings includes representatives from the City of LA, County of LA, City of Burbank, LADWP, City of Fountain Valley, San Diego County, Advanced Drainage Systems and more.

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