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BNI Building News Releases 2018 Greenbook, Field Edition

BNI Building News Releases 2018 Greenbook, Field Edition

Vista, CA., July 5, 2018 – BNi Building News has released a Field Edition of their popular title the 2018 Greenbook, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction. The new edition boasts the essential information found in the regular 2018 reference, but compacted into a take-anywhere pocket manual. The smaller edition is aimed at those who take the Greenbook with them in the field or on projects.

“We are always excited to develop something with the Greenbook comittee,” says CEO Bill Mahoney. “But to create a portable publication like the field edition is something special because it’s so versatile and can be used anywhere.”

The 2018 Greenbook measures a regular 8½ in. x 11 in. while the Field Edition is about 4½ in. by 7½ in. The smaller manual also compacts all of the information into 473 pages, a step down from the 634 found in the regular edition. BNi promises that although the size and the page count have been diminished, all of the information you need for your project are still available in the smaller edition.

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