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BNi Building News Unveils the New Sixth Edition of the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual

BNi Building News Unveils the New Sixth Edition of the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual

VISTA, Calif. - April 15, 2018 -- BNi Building News, a design cost data company that is a leader in cost estimating publications nationwide, today introduced the newest edition of the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual.

Since it was first published in 1993, the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual has indeed become the STANDARD reference in the field. Over the years it has been continuously revised, and this brand-new Sixth Edition brings it completely up to date, incorporating the latest technology and best practices in all aspects of maintenance management.

Designed for a facilities manager, engineer, property owner, developer, or anyone else responsible for maintenance operations, the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual is a must-have reference. It gives readers all the essential ingredients for understanding and carrying out successful day-to-day management of maintenance activities, while providing an integrated plan for continuous improvement of the maintenance function.  Teachers, students, and libraries have found it a comprehensive and useful course textbook and reference as well.

Moreover, the new Sixth Edition has been expanded to include essential coverage of such topics as:

• Using data analytics for strategic planning
• Diversity training
• Building safety and security
• Material inventory forecasting
• RFID system planning
• Ultrasonic testing in PdM (predictive maintenance)
• How to use drones to improve your PdM analytics
• How to use Value-Based Reliability to optimize PM/PdM
• Factors to consider when selecting aerial lifts
• Solar energy systems planning

John Moore, Senior Vice President/General Manager at BNi, commented, "the new sixth edition of the Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual provides a versatile tool for maintenance managers that keeps up with current trends and technologies happening in the market place. This is a definite must-have."

The Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual covers materials planning, preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance, budgeting and expense forecasting, and much more. It even provides a complete set of model policies and procedures that can be easily edited and adapted for any organization.  What's more, it provides a wealth of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) tips and techniques to help readers gain a greater control of their IT infrastructure, plus a detailed look at the new capabilities added to the CMMS to better integrate it with day-to-day shop floor control and performance management.

The Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual is available now with an MSRP of $99.95.

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About BNI Building News

BNi Building News, a Design Cost Data Company, is one of the most comprehensive and reliable sources for construction data and trends for over 70 years. As an established premier publisher to the construction industry, BNi assures the most current and relevant information available through the collaboration of key leaders in the areas of architecture, engineering and construction along with various government agencies.  Since 1946, BNi works very closely with code developers such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), and the American Public Works Association (APWA). BNi takes pride in providing the highest level of service and committed to doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of the industry.

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Joel Ellazar
BNi Building News

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