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2021 International Building Code®

Product Code/ISBN: 9781609839550

This code - published every three years by the International Code Council - applies to all buildings except detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories. The 2021 International Building Code contains many important changes that affect building construction, including:

  • New egress requirements for puzzle rooms (also know as escape rooms).
  • New requirements for classroom acoustics in compliance with ICC A117.1
  • Changed requirements for metal composite materials and systems (MCM) installed on the exterior walls of Types I, II, III and IV construction.
  • Additional guidelines on the use of intermodal shipping containers as buildings. 
  • New requirement for automatic sprinkler protection in Group S-2 open parking garages where any fire area exceeds 48,000 square feet.
  • New minimum height requirement for parapets used for aggregate-surfaced roofs to prevent blow-off.
  • New special inspection requirements that address the anchorage and connection of mass timber structural elements.
  • New requirements for the installation of firestop, fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire barrier systems in residential-use buildings.
  • New requirements for frost protection for egress doors.

The 2021 International Building Code will soon be adopted by many state agencies.  Order your copy now and be prepared to stay in full compliance.