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Concrete & Formwork

Product Code/ISBN: 910460035

All information you need to select and pour the right mix for the job, lay out the structure, select the right form materials, design and build the forms and finish and cure the concrete.

This is the perfect handbook for the concrete professional, the man on the job who needs sure answers to practical problems:

  • What type of mix is best for the job?
  • What admixtures are needed?
  • How deep should the footing be?
  • What is the best way to lay out and design the forms?
  • How much concrete and form material are needed?
  • How can reinforcing and curing be handled most profitably?

Over 100 pages of step-by-step instructions cover the actual construction and erecting of all forms in common use. Over 200 manhour tables, charts, and clear illustrations make this the most useful single volume with anyone working with site fabrication wood concrete forms.

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