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Drywall Contracting

Product Code/ISBN: 1557014825

Every community needs drywall specialists who can hang, tape, and texture gypsum drywall.

This practical manual explains what you need to know to operate successfully as a drywall contractor.

It covers the drywall trade:

  • Planning and estimating jobs,
  • Do's and don'ts of running a drywall contracting business
  • How to estimate your work
  • Typical man-hour labor costs for most drywall work.

Drywall Contracting explains the tools and materials you should be using to maximize productivity:

  • How to measure and mark board
  • Different fastening techniques for both wood and metal studs
  • Where and how to use blocking and reinforcement
  • Multi-ply applications
  • Patching and repairs
  • Self-supporting partitions
  • Joint and surface treatments,
  • Installing corner bead and expansion joints

Also explains how to achieve a multitude of different texture finishes.

An excellent chapter on preventing drywall problems is, by itself, worth the price of this book.