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2024 International Residential Code

Product Code/ISBN: 9781959851639

Coming early this summer!

The 2024 International Codes® (I-Codes®) have undergone substantial formatting changes as part of the digital transformation strategy of the International Code Council® (ICC®) to improve the user experience. The changes, promoting a cleaner, more modern look and enhancing readability and sustainability, include:

  • Single column text format and modernized font styles improves readability
  • QR Codes replace vertical margin sidebars and arrows to identify code changes more accurately
  • Shading for table headers and notes improves locating tables and applicable notes
  • Grouping of associated content brings tables and figures immediately after the parent section
  • Users have capability to validate authenticity of their book and register it with the ICC to receive incentives.


This comprehensive code comprises all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, energy conservation and electrical requirements for one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories. The 2024 IRC® contains many important changes:

  • Imaginary lot lines are added for calculating fire separation distance when considering multiple dwellings on a single lot
  • Shared accessory rooms are an option in two-family dwellings
  • 10-amp circuits now allowed for some lighting circuits, lighting outlets and exhaust
  • Many requirements for energy storage systems added
  • New protection requirements for storage batteries in garages are added
  • Sleeping loft requirements added for habitable attic style lofts and tiny home style lofts now have maximum size limits to meet an exception
  • Reinforcement of the floor below guards at a mezzanine is now required
  • The final test of the DWV system may be visual
  • Air exhaust openings now allowed near operable windows and doors
  • A2L refrigerants are added as an option for cooling equipment
  • Solvent cement joints for CPVC pipe are allowed above and below ground
  • Kitchen islands are no longer required to have receptacle outlets
  • Snow, wind and seismic maps updated
  • Accessibility in care facilities clarified
  • EV cars are added to the feeder load calculations