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Construction Forms for Contractors

Product Code/ISBN: 9781572182226

Running a construction company is never easy. Here are 78 practical forms, letters and checklists on CD-ROM guaranteed to help streamline your office, organize your jobsites, collect the records and documents you need, keep a handle on your subs, reduce estimating errors, administer change orders and lien issues, monitor crew productivity, track your equipment use, account for your tools, and more.

Those forms that require calculations, such as profit and loss reports, bid summary log, new home estimate or remodeling estimate, have been set up in Excel, complete with formulas. Simply enter your costs or quantities in a spreadsheet and it automatically calculates for you.

No more math mistakes. Other forms -- like change orders, expense, reports, subcontract agreements, and warranties, are formatted RTF, and PDF forms -- ready for you to type in the addresses and names.

In this Book/CD-ROM package, you'll find the forms you need to achieve the accurate, thorough records every business requires, without having to put in a lot of time or effort.

  • Accounting forms -- expense report, journal entry, hourly labor with burden rates, over/under billings report, profit & loss report, time worksheet materials log, vendor IRS letter & W-9 form
  • Change orders -- change order, subcontractor change order, time & materials change order, change order log, change order transmittal
  • Contracts -- Cost plus fee contract, cost plus percentage contract, time & materials contract, prime construction contract, project management contract, subcontract agreement, contract transmittal letter, warranty
  • Client forms -- First contact sheet, job information form, acknowledgement of proposal acceptance, neighborhood notification letter, bid follow-up letter, losing bid feedback form, client satisfaction survey & company evaluation, thank you letter
  • Estimating forms -- Bid submittal log, quantity sheet, new home estimate, remodel estimate, material schedule
  • Job related forms -- Project startup checklist, safety agreement, jobsite safety checklist, jobsite tool list, vehicle inspection sheet, weekly equipment usage log, field change report, memorandum of delay, potential backcharge notice, delay notice, field problem report, project closeout checklist, project closeout letter, final project punch list, accident report
  • HR forms -- Employment application, employee data sheet, driving record verification, company policy, employee evaluation
  • Lien forms -- Preliminary notice of lien, wavier of lien on material or labor, nonresponsibility notice, conditional, and unconditional waiver and release of lien upon final payment
  • Office forms -- Master tool list, field directory, memorandum, jobsite emergency telephone directory, fax cover sheet, transmittal form
  • Bids & proposals -- Bid comparison sheet, project proposal, time & materials proposal
  • Subcontract forms -- Subcontractor policy, subcontractor/supplier questionnaire, subcontractor insurance & W-9 log, reminder notice, rejection letter
  • Timesheets -- Time management worksheet, timesheet category list, weekly timesheet, timesheet detail.

These forms are created by professionals, who developed and used them in their own construction businesses.

Each form was designed to fit a specific need and to solve actual problems in the builder's office and in the field. The files are easy to use, and can be modified, filled out, saved, printed, and even emailed.

Just follow the simple instructions in the Introduction. You'll also find clear, detailed explanations of what each form is for and what data you need to collect and enter.

Guaranteed to save you time and money!