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Electrician's Exam Study Guide, Second Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071792042

Featuring more than 1,500 practice questions and answers, Electrician's Exam Study Guide provides everything you need to prepare for and pass the Journeyman and Master electrician licensing exams on the first try.

This practical, up-to-date resource is filled with detailed illustrations, Test Tips which explain how to arrive at the correct answers, and Code Updates which clarify changes in the 2011 NEC.

Answer sheets include cross-references to the precise article and section of the NEC from which questions are taken.

Fully revised throughout, this career building guide helps you:

  • Master the material most likely to appear on the licensing exams
  • Improve your test-taking ability with 1,500+ true/false and multiple-choice questions and answers
  • Keep up with the 2011 NEC
  • Acquire the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed to pass your exam

Covers essential topics, including:

  • Articles 90 through 110
  • Wiring requirements and protection
  • Wiring methods and materials
  • Equipment for general use
  • Special occupancies and classifications
  • Special equipment
  • Special conditions
  • Communications
  • Tables, annexes, and examples
  • Math calculations and basic electrical theory
  • Review and applying principles
  • Master electrician skills
  • Techniques for studying and taking your test

For electricians who want to get a Journeyman's license or upgrade to Master status, an important requirement is to score well on the written exam.

This book is just the right tool to help you do this. There are 1,500 exam-style multiple-choice and true/false question and answers, along with comments and tips for scoring well.

If you study the National Electrical Code and then use this as a study guide, you'll do well on the electrician's exam for sure.