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Profit, Risk, & Leadership: Design-Build

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557017765

This new book takes you on a clear path through the maze of running a construction business: how to make money, how to manage risk, and how to plan, organize and lead toward the achievement of your goals.

You'll quickly see how to:

  • Select the right projects to pursue and win the award
  • Make money and account for the profits earned
  • Understand the hidden details in contracts and insurance
  • Handle setbacks from project issues and economic woes
  • Choose a smart organizational structure
  • Lead and motivate people
  • Leverage strategic relationships
  • Promote the desired culture for your company

This book teaches the business of construction, not methods of construction. Author Tom Porter, a veteran construction industry executive and attorney, shares his insights and practical experience -- providing real world solutions to the most common problems in the construction industry. It is written primarily for general building, institutional, governmental, commercial, industrial, entertainment, transportation, power, water/waste water and other civil projects.

This is essential reading for anyone who is in construction management or aspires to that role!