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BNi Public Works Inspectors' Manual, Seventh Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557016393

A complete operational technical guidebook for professionals charged with the responsibilities of inspecting all types of public works construction for city, county, state and federal agencies. This comprehensive manual has become the standard reference for public works professionals across the nation for over 50 years.

It clearly spells out, in-step-by-step detail, testing procedures and inspection guidelines for virtually every type of work and material, from asphalt and aggregates to pipe and prestressed concrete.

More importantly, the richly illustrated Public Works Inspectors' Manual shows you how to:

  • Read and understand the contract documents
  • Ensure that required safety procedures are enforced
  • Minimize the cost of claims and disputes
  • Maintain accurate and complete records
  • Prepare thorough, well-documented reports

The most comprehensive and authoritative text on public works inspection ever written and published. Of considerable value not only to inspection personnel, but also to contractors, engineers, architects, and students.

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