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Landscaping Ideas that Work

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631868504

Tired of looking at your old backyard?  Trying to add some more value to your property before you sell?  Landscaping Ideas That Work is the perfect book for you! Not only with this must-have guide tell you what to do to make your backyard or front yard space more usable, it will give you the perfect place to start.  Included are over 350 different ideas and photographs to help you find the perfect landscaping style and renovation for your home.  It will help you design and install but also help you on what materials to buy.  As the market grows more competitive on homes, and home renovations get more expensive and difficult, save yourself the headache and go for the outside renovations.  Nothing beats having a dream patio perfect for entertaining guest and family during those summer months. 


This amazing guide covers planters, paths, walkways, walls, fences, hedges and even those open air rooms that are becoming more popular.  Don’t just rely on your own imagination or search for different ideas online.  By buying this dedicated text you are not only investing in the future of your house, but you are investing in your own future! Become the best house on your street by grabbing your copy of Landscaping Ideas That Work and making your yard space the best yard space.  Included for your convenience are different tips and tricks when working with professional contractors, because we know half the battle is coming up with the idea, and the other half is actually completing it.  With over 220 pages of information, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Designing Your Landscape

Chapter 2: Spaces That Work

Chapter 3: Open Air Rooms

Chapter 4: Fences, Walls & Hedges

Chapter 5: Paths & Walkways

Chapter 6: Plantings

Chapter 7: Details in the Landscape