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Code Check Plumbing and Mechanical 5th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631869471

Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical 5th Edition: An Illustrated Guide to the Plumbing and Mechanical Codes is the perfect book to take with you whether you are in the office for the day or in the field.  This must-have guide goes over the different safety and standard codes in the plumbing and mechanical field.  It covers everything from plumbing installations, to drains, vents, and cooling systems. 

What sets the Code Check series apart is the information being presented in such a clear and concise way.  Gone are the days where you have to rely on books that give you words and sentences that don’t make sense and leave you only scratching your head and wondering where to go from there.  Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical give you all of the information you need but gives it to you in a clear and easy to read manner.  Besides presenting the information in a clear manner this essential text is packed with different tables and illustrations to make sure you understand the points and topics it goes over.  The 5th edition brings to the table all the changes and additions created since the 4th and keeps the information current with 2018.  Some of the changes are highlights through the text to bring them to your attention, and there are summaries at the end of every chapter to give you more insight and make sure you are following the topics presented.  There is no better guide to the plumbing and mechanical field than Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical 5th Edition!

About the author: Redwood Kardon was previously a building inspector in Oakland, CA and is one of the leading professional lecturers on building codes.  Currently he operates and owns which covers different codes and creates guides that are easy to read and covers all of the necessary information.