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What Users Say About D4COST

"Our Firm has used the D4COST probable cost estimating program for years. Our history with D4COST, in fact, goes back to the era of it being a DOS program. We continue to use it as a cost management tool to initially establish a direction for the design and then to manage the project to stay in budget. We have recently designed numerous “Public Funded” with fixed budgets and been successful in staying within budget. Modeling and estimating using your database of projects, then further fine tuning the outcome with our experience and cost info from built projects has produced amazing accuracy. The reports are very business-like and contribute to professional communication with Clients. Moving forward through time and D4COST upgrades have been a seamless process with no loss of data, so we have accumulated a reasonable database of our office’s projects. We are eager to continue moving forward with you. Thanks for a very effective program."

John Dendy, Architect D&A Architects, Mobile, AL

"I have had the privilege of using D4COST over the past 6 years and have enjoyed the user friendliness it has afforded my firm. Our firm has attained an accurate and timely backlog of work by using D4COST. Our primary business is the commercial market, D4COST affords us to provide Conceptual as well as Design development Estimates to A&E firms throughout the country in record time, we can provide Estimates within 6 hours on the average, therefore taking care of our clients needs with accuracy, we have a motto " Leave no Scope of work unpriced" D4COST provides us the right information that we need"


John Parenteau Walnut Creek Consulting Group Mansfield Texas

"We just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your conceptual estimating software. We find it to be concise, intuitive and invaluable - great job."


Henry J. (Hank) Balling III President, Arbour Construction Management Inc.

"I’m writing this letter to expound on my positive experiences with D4COST. We have been using the software for over three years and it continues to get better. Our main object when we first purchased the software was to have conceptual software that we could quickly establish a budget for a project.


"As most Architects know as soon as the owner is contemplating to proceed with a project he wants to know what is the schedule and most importantly what is the cost going to be at completion. We have tracked projects that we have established budgets using D4COST and found that the conceptual estimates were accurate compared to our final estimate and ultimately the actual bid price. D4COST is an essential part of our estimating process.

"We have found the software to also assist in our marketing. Nothing is more impressive to an owner to sit down with him in front of a computer using D4COST’s visual pictures of projects along with the database descriptions to establish a level of quality. Then to adjust it for location and project anticipated time frame, and within 5 minutes you can print an estimate of probable construction cost that has a factual basis that he can take with him. Talk about a client that is impressed! "We have also used D4COST to do detailed estimates and found the format easy to work with. I would recommend this software to any design professional that wants to have confidence in giving clients accurate conceptual estimates that can be a true budget through the design process. My hat is off to your company and keep improving on an outstanding program."

Troy Secord, AIA President, Secord & Lebow Architects, Inc.

"At this time we continue to add to the over 100 Flintco bid projects that I have archived in D4COST. These projects along with D4COST’s database and the handy averaging wizard, gives us a breakdown estimate of probable cost and answers many questions our clients have in less than a few hours. Your software greatly minimizes the time necessary to build a quality cost model complete with description, i.e., comments and notes. In the past our company data was saved on floppy disks and computer hard drives, making it difficult to locate this valuable information. Now with D4COST our data can be stored in one place, giving us easy and fast access to our project records."


Randy Riggs, Chief Estimator Flintco, Inc., Tulsa, Okla.