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Electrical Wiring Commercial

Electrical Wiring Commercial

By Phil Simmons, Ray C. Mullin

This guide covers electrical wiring in a commercial setting!

Price: $148.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781337101882
Year: 2017
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Electrical Wiring Commercial, 16th Edition 2017, includes full color drawings and photos that explain tough concepts of the 2017 National Electrical Code in order to increase your understanding of the wiring process. This guide also emphasizes in being mindful and resourceful with electrical design and installation.

Inside this resource you'll find information on:

  • Commercial building plans and specifications
  • Electrical working drawings
  • Electrical load calculations
  • Branch circuits
  • Switches and receptacles
  • Wiring methods
  • Motor and appliance circuits
  • Feeders
  • Special systems
  • Special circuits
  • Panelboard selection and installation
  • Lamps and ballasts for lighting
  • Luminaires
  • Emergency, legally required standby, and optional standby power systems
  • Overcurrent protection: fuses and circuit breakers
  • Short-circuit calculations and coordination of overcurrent protective devices
  • Low-voltage remote control
  • Cooling systems
  • Commercial utility-interactive photovoltaic systems

This books is written by electrical masters Ray C. Mullen and Phil Simmons.