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2012 Greenbook: Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557017413

The Greenbook is designed to aid in furthering uniformity of plans and specifications accepted and used by those involved in public works construction, and to take such other steps as are necessary to promote more competitive bidding by private contractors.

This book provides specifications that have general applicability to public works projects -- from the thickness of asphalt to the type of glue used on road surface reflectors. It is used by many municipalities for gauging construction standards on public works construction. It is especially useful when comparing competitive bids among contractors, or for contractors in making sure their bids are to required standards.

The 2012 Greenbook consists of five parts:

   1. General Provisions
   2. Construction Materials
   3. Construction Methods
   4. Rock Products
   5. Pipeline System Rehabilitation

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    The Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, popularly known as the "Greenbook", was originally published in 1967. The 2012 Edition is the 16th Edition of this book, which is updated and republished every three years. The Greenbook does NOT test or approve products. It is the function of public agencies and private project owners that utilize the Greenbook to determine whether products proposed by a contractor satisfy the Greenbook specifications or the Special Provisions. Any bonafide member of the Southern California Chapter of AGC, APWA, ECA, or SCCA is entitled to the "Member Public Agencies" prices. To receive your member discount, please place your order by calling toll free at 1-888-264-2665.