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2017 Ohio Plumbing Code

Product Code/ISBN: 3200L17OH

The 2017 Ohio Plumbing Code is here and based off the 2015 International Plumbing Code.  Staying code compliant is extremely important in the plumbing industry.  There are constant updates in methodology, techniques, materials, and standards and in order to keep you and your company safe, compliance is recommended.  Some of the themes and topics mentioned in the 2015 International Plumbing Code are:

  • Water Heaters
  • Fixtures
  • Faucets
  • Fixture Fittings
  • Water Distribution and Supply
  • Sanitary Drainage
  • Vents
  • Special Piping
  • Storage Systems
  • Nonpotable Water Systems
  • Plumbing Permit Fees
  • Rainfall Rates for Different Cities
  • Water Piping Sizes
  • Landscape Irrigation Systems

If you work in the plumbing industry, especially in Ohio, you won’t want to miss out on adding this must-have code book to your library.  Compliance can save you money, and maybe save lives.

About the ICC:  The International Code Council has over 64,000 members world-wide and is focused on developing a dedicated code to be used in the build, design, and compliances process all over the world.  These codes promote a safe and affordable environment to build while also keeping codes constant and consistent throughout the world.  Most cities in the US and around the world choose to incorporate the International Codes into their specific regional code.

The ICC develops a range of codes including the Building Code, Energy Conservation Code, Exiting Building Code, Fire Code, Mechanical Code, Residential Code, Swimming Pool and Spa Code, Wildland Interface Code, Zoning Code, and much more.  Apart from developing codes that are adopted internationally, the ICC also prides itself in the providing assistance to their customers and other members in a variety of unique ways.  They provide educational and certification programs for individuals to progress in their career, while also help companies comply with the newer codes with code application assistance programs.