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2018 ICC International Building Code IBC LL

Product Code/ISBN: 3000L18

The 2018 International Building Code has finally arrived in loose leaf format.  You can now enjoy and study the IBC in the extremely versatile loose leaf format.  Put it in an existing binder or create your own manual with only the pages you need instead of bringing the entire code with you.  The 2018 International Building Code includes all buildings except detached one and two family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories.  Staying up-to-date is extremely important with codes and the 2018 version brings many different changes to the table.  Some of the changes include:

  • Storage spaces for accessories of any sizes are now permitted to be included as part of the occupancy to which the accessory is part of.
  • New code sections now include medical gas systems and higher education laboratories.
  • If you are using fire walls to create separate buildings it is now only limited to what is allowable in the building area and height.
  • Elevator hoistway door standards have changed regarding fire-resistant-rated corridors in that the opening must now be protected somehow to address smoke intrusion into the hoistway.  
  • One occupant per 150 square feet is now the new occupant load standard.
  • Live loads for decks and balconies have been increased.
  • Five pounds per square foot is now the minimum lateral load that fire walls are required to resist.
  • Different wind speed maps have been updated, including those for the state of Hawaii.
  • For wood trusses over five feet they now have to have a periodic inspection to make sure they have permanent bracing which is a new requirement.
  • Changes to standards for solid sawn lumber header and girder spans.
  • And many more additions and changes!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your copy of the 2018 International Building Code in loose leaf format for easy on-the-go access!