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2018 ICC International Existing Building Code IEBC LL

Product Code/ISBN: 3550L18

Reusing or repurposing a building is one of the best ways you can help jumpstart your company or give it an extra personality.  Don’t forget to grab your copy of the 2018 International Existing Building Code Loose Leaf version to make sure you are complying with all the newest code changes and additions. In loose leaf format you can create the code book that best suites you, either putting the entire code in a binder or only taking out the chapters you use regularly.  Freedom to choose is yours when it comes to using loose leaf over tradition book binding formats.  The 2018 International Existing Building Code will help you make those necessary changes to make sure your building is in check and safe for you and for your employees.  This must have guide and companion will help you to learn more about repairs, alterations, and additions needed to make your building safe.  The code specifically applies to older historic buildings or existing buildings and give standards that aren’t as strict to follow as some of the other International Codes dealing with new construction.  Some of the changes included in the 2018 version are:

  • In order to be more consistent with the International Building Code, single exit buildings and spaces under Alteration Levels 2 and 3 have been changed.
  • Changes to the requirements of whether or not storm shelters are needed based on occupancy.
  • If a building is undergoing a change in occupancy it has to undergo snow, live wind and seismic loads check to make sure it is safe and accessible. 
  • Changes to when all anchors are needed to be installed specifically when the work area and alteration of the building is more than half of the building size.
  • New information on loading of existing structures.
  • If structural components are damage by snow they must be repaired for new buildings are detailed in the International Building Code.