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2018 ICC International Existing Building Code IEBC SC

Product Code/ISBN: 3550S18

There are times in business when it makes more sense to use an existing building than to build a brand new one.  If you run into this situation frequently in your job than the 2018 International Existing Building Code is the guide for you! This is an essential text that will help you to learn more about repairing, altering, adding, and changing the occupancy for the existing building you are using.  This code covers codes and standards for existing buildings and historic buildings in order to keep you safe and code compliant but without the hassle and work that sometimes comes with the complete renovation that is suggested in some of the other International Codes.  This is a must-have guide book that can help you in your everyday tasks.  The 2018 version comes with some of the following changes:

  • Section 305 now contains what used to be Section 410, and Chapters 4, 5, 6, 13 and 14 have been reorganized and relocated due to new numbering and chaptering.
  • Chapter 3 now contains Chapters 4 and 8 which have information based on live loads.
  • Structural components that are affected by heavy snow loads must be repaired in compliance with new buildings from the International Building Code Manual.
  • Changes involving work areas that include more than half the building in an alteration now have to contain a wall anchor that has to be installed at the roof line going along the reinforced concrete and masonry walls. 
  • In the Prescriptive Compliance Method and Alternations Level 1 section the ICC has added Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening.
  • In order to be more in line with the International Building Code, single exit buildings and spaces under Alteration levels 2 and 3 have been changed and modified. 

This manual contains many more changes you need to keep up with the newest codes and standards! Don’t delay in grabbing you copy today!