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2018 ICC International Fire Code IFC LL

Product Code/ISBN: 3400L18

The 2018 International Fire Code is now here in super-convenient loose leaf format! Choose where you put and how you store the 2018 IFC instead of being restricted to a regular book format.  Take it with you on the go, or only take the chapters and sections you might need instead of carrying the entire code with you! This is an extremely versatile format and will help you in your day to day dealings with the International Fire Code.  If you are some who uses this code day in and day out do yourself a favor by switching to the loose leaf format.  Every three years new editions of the International Codes are released.  The 2018 edition brings many different changes and additions to the older versions of the code.  Some of the changes include:

  • New changes discuss the hazards and dangers of higher education laboratories, food trucks, extraction activities, plant processing, and outdoor pallet storage. 
  • Additions to required sprinkler protection with standards relating to Group E.
  • When the load exceeds 300 or more and you are dealing with manual fire alarm systems in group A occupancies, they are now required, even when the load exceeds 100 above or below the lowest level of exit discharge.
  • Changes have been made to Group R-4 occupancies; specifically manual fire alarm systems and automatic smoke detection systems are no longer required. 
  • Huge changes to university buildings and colleges have been added to the code. 
  • New chapters based on Energy Systems.
  • Decorative materials in Chapter 8 have been clarified.
  • Gas detection systems and requirements have been revised to reflect more current industry standards.
  • High rise buildings and smoke control systems have been revised to include integrated testing for fire protection and life safety systems. 
  • Outdoor assembly events, tradeshows that are indoors, and exhibitions have been updated to include the hazards and dangers surrounding them.