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2018 ICC International Fuel Gas Code IFGC LL

Product Code/ISBN: 3600L18

Looking for the newest codes and standards when it comes to fuel and gas?  The 2018 International Fuel Gas Code Loose Leaf format is here for all of your fuel gas needs.  The brand new 2018 version features everything you need for performance requirements, safety standards, new materials, and installation of fuel gas systems and gas fired appliances.  This must-have guide is even offered to you in loose leaf format to make it easier to take with you on the go or to the job inspection site.  If you know you will only be needing a specific code then the loose leaf format allows you the freedom to only take what you need instead of being restricted to a standard book-binding format.  Every three years the International Code Council (ICC) revises their international code series.  It is extremely important to keep up to date with the newest changes and additions in code in order to keep your business running smoothly and provide your and your employees with the best safety possible.  Some of the changes included in the 2018 code are:

  • Brand new section and information on arc-resistant CSST products
  • Schedule 10 steel pipes are now allowed to be used whereas before schedule 40 was the lightest material that could be used.  The Schedule 10 pipe CANNOT be threaded, but it can be welded, brazed, flanged, or assembled with press-connect fittings. 
  • Appliance shutoff valves that are located behind movable appliances are now considered to be provided within the required access. 
  • Changes to plastic vent pipe material which now needs to be labeled as complying with the standards for that specific pipe material.
  • Clearances for the direct-vent appliance vent terminals and openings have now been revised.

Don’t miss out on grabbing your copy today! Stay up to date and safe with the latest codes!