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2018 ICC International Property Maintenance Code IPMC SC

Product Code/ISBN: 3500S18

If you are a property manager or someone whose work involves properties then you need a copy of the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code.  This essential test will keep you up-to-date with the latest code changes and additions.  In depth information is given in this guide about site conditions, acceptable building elements and procedures, plumbing, swimming pools, mechanics, electrical systems and fire protection systems.  All of this information deals with existing residential and nonresidential structures.  Keeping your and your business in check with the most recent code additions and subtractions is extremely important to stay accredited as a company.  Don’t put yourself or your business in jeopardy by not putting into practice the newest changes.  Get your copy of the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code today!


About the publisher:  The International Code Council (ICC) is an association that focuses extensively on their members and providing a model and compliant code for all businesses to follow.  They put a vast amount of emphasis in keeping their entire set of codes safe, sustainable, and most of all affordable for every business to be able to put them into practice.  Although they create codes specifically for different states and counties, most of the cities and states in the United States choose to follow the International line of code they create.  All operating under the International Code Council name there are actually a string of different sections that are responsible for various parts of the code creating process.  Included in the International Code Council is the International Accreditation Service (IAS), the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC), the S.K. Ghosh Associates, and the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES).  The ICC has offices all over the United States and has over 250 experienced staff working on their codes.  Originally founded as a non-profit in 1994, the ICC has gone on to create educational materials, magazines, handbooks, career assistance programs, and even certifications processes to advance your profession.