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2020 NEC - National Electrical Code, Softcover

Product Code/ISBN: 7020SB

NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code (NEC), 2020 edition is filled with up-to-date information on new technologies and incorporates hundreds of changes. Originally published in 1897, it has been adopted in all 50 states, and is considered the primary go-to for today’s electricians. Due to a thorough review process, the 2020 edition of NFPA 70®, NEC, has the most current safety requirements, trends, and industry practices.

With the NFPA 70®, NEC, you will keep up with the changes and advances in the Code, and not fall behind. Avoid violations and assure the safety of people and property with these comprehensive requirements for electrical equipment and wiring.

In today’s changing world, it’s critical to stay informed and aware of the safety challenges of new sources of electrical power. Included is new information on how electric vehicles can be used as a back-up power source for a commercial building or home; new requirements for cables installed exposed on ceiling surfaces and sidewalls; and revised requirements for ground-fault protection within marinas and boatyard. And, as before, the 2020 edition is the foundation for electrical safety in residential, commercial and industrial occupancies.

Among others, noteworthy new requirements are introduced for:

  • residential installation of receptacle outlets serving island and peninsular countertops and for surge protection of services supplying dwelling units

  • calculating the load of electric vehicle supply equipment with variable current setting

  • reinspection of swimming pools and other bodies of water

  • worker safety in identifying the source of power for disconnecting means and for egress from spaces containing large electrical equipment

The revised and expanded NFPA 70®, NEC is an invaluable tool for anyone working in the electrical sector.