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2021 Greenbook: Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552099

New 2023 Supplement Now Available Separately

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First published in 1967, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (popularly known as the “Greenbook”) promotes uniformity, and eliminates conflicts and confusion, among the plans and specifications used by local public agencies. It is the work of an active volunteer committee of professional agency members who are thoroughly versed in the changing technology and advanced thinking of the construction industry.

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The new 2021 Edition brings the specifications in the "Greenbook" completely up to date in accordance with best practices and the latest technologies. Arranged in major sections, the "Greenbook" covers General Provisions for public works construction as well as detailed specifications covering:

  • Construction Materials including rock materials, concrete, mortar, pipe, water and sewer valves, engineering geosynthetics, and bedding and backfill materials.

  • Construction Methods including earthwork, subgrade preparation, treated materials and placement of base materials, roadway surfacing, metal fabrication and construction, pile driving and timber construction, open trench conduit construction, jacking and tunneling, and microtunneling

  • Existing Improvements including protection and restoration, manhole adjustment and reconstruction, cold milling, and micro-milling

  • Pipeline Systems Rehabilitation including service lateral connection sealing

  • Temporary Traffic Control including access and temporary traffic control for construction and maintenance work zones

  • Street Light and Traffic Signal Systems including materials and construction

  • Landscaping and Irrigation including materials and installation
Use of the “Greenbook” lowers construction costs by encouraging participation in competitive bidding by more private contractors.

The "Greenbook" is published every three years under the oversight of Public Works Standards, Inc. (PWSI). The members of PWSI include the American Public Works Association (APWA), Associated General Contractors of California (AGCC), Engineering Contractors Association (ECA), and Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA),