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2022 BNi Square Foot Costbook (print + pdf download)

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552211

Printed book PLUS instant pdf eBook download

Order now and you'll also get a FREE* one-year subscription to Simpl•Est Square Foot (a $180 value) -- an incredibly powerful online tool that let's you create a square-foot estimate based on detailed cost data from over 2,000 actual projects.

The 2022 BNi Square Foot Costbook gives you costs you can rely on because they're based on actual projects, not hypothetical models.

In this cost book you'll find 80 detailed square foot cost studies for:

  • Civic government buildings
  • Commercial buildings (including renovations)
  • Educational buildings (including sustainable)
  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings (including renovations and LEED rated)
  • Office buildings (including renovations and sustainable)
  • Religious buildings
  • And residential buildings

For each building project you get a detailed narrative with background information on the specific project. This lets you put the cost data into context and make appropriate adjustments to your own projections. In addition, you'll receive unit-in-place costs for nearly 15,000 items and materials used in all types of construction. For each item, you can see man-hours, as well as labor/equipment and material costs, all clearly broken out.

Plus - new for 2022 - Assemblies!

The 2022 edition of the  BNi Square Foot Costbook now includes Assemblies tables listing systems for commercial construction, each broken down by its respective unit price components.  This new section helps simplify estimating by providing construction costs by assembly type, represented by the major categories designated by ASTM E1557-09.

Developed in partnership with Design Cost Data, and BNi Building News, this ready-reference Costbook also features illustrations of each building type, a guide to 43-year cost trends for inflation costs on building materials, plus detailed unit-in-place costs for thousands of items -- from asphalt and anchor bolts to vents and wall louvers.

By purchasing this book, you will also receive the 2023 Edition, on a no-risk, no-obligation free trial basis.

Make estimating square foot costs easy. Order your 2022 BNi Square Foot Costbook now!

The 528-page printed book will be shipped to you immediately. You will also receive the fully searchable pdf eBook version instantly upon purchase.

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