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2023 BNi General Construction Costbook + Bronze Database Bundle (Print + PDF + Assemblies + Excel)

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552648

Now Available!

In the midst of rampant inflation, supply chain snarls, labor shortages, and steep wage increases, estimating and budgeting construction projects can be a real nightmare. 

The risk of losing money as the result of an inaccurate bid or estimate has never been greater.

But the 2023 BNi General Construction Costbook + Bronze Database bundle can help you take control of this chaos.

For 76 years BNi has been a trusted source of accurate pricing data, presented in an easy-access format.  And this year the research staff at BNi has gone the extra mile to make sure that every cost item in this book is based on the latest and most authoritative information available.

What does this Costbook cover?

The 33rd edition of the BNi General Construction Costbook doesn’t just give you the costs for major commodities, it presents you with precise details for virtually every component used in construction, with the costs for material, labor, and equipment clearly broken down. 

This includes:

  • steel
  • asphalt
  • wood decking
  • floor sheathing
  • trusses
  • ornamental woodwork
  • metal railings
  • metal gratings
  • metal decking
  • metal fabrications
  • masonry
  • concrete
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • much more

What does this Costbook help you achieve?

With the 2023 BNi General Construction Costbook, you’ll be able to quickly and confidently prepare bids, check prices and calculate the impact of change orders.

Each item is provided by the man-hours per unit, so you can see the basis for the labor costs based on standard productivity rates, as well as the latest prevailing wage rates from the US Department of Labor.

How is the information organized?

All data in this Costbook is organized in the CSI format.  This industry standard provides an all-inclusive checklist to ensure that no project element is overlooked.  In addition, to make specific items even easier to find, there is a comprehensive alphabetical index.

The 2023 BNi General Construction Costbook also includes Assemblies tables listing systems for commercial construction, each broken down by its respective unit price components.  This new section provides construction costs by assembly type, represented by the major categories designated by ASTM E1557-09.

Please note:

This product will also include an automatic preview of the 2024 Edition on a no-risk free-trial basis.


What is the BNi Bronze Database?

How would you like an EASY way to find, copy and paste the cost data from BNi Building News into your estimates and bids? HERE IT IS...The BNi Bronze Cost Database.

DOWNLOAD NOW! As soon as you order the BNi BRONZE Database, you will be able to instantly download a zip file containing:

  • An Excel file with two worksheets.  Each worksheet contains the full database. The first worksheet is formatted so you can quickly drill down to the items you are searching for.  The second worksheet presents you with a more visual approach to the data, which more clearly corresponds to the accompanying eBook.

  • A PDF eBook presenting everything in the BNi BRONZE Database along with a complete set of regional cost modifiers.

  • A pdf guide to getting the most from the BNi BRONZE Database.

This is not an estimating program.  It is a complete dataset to copy and paste individual cost items into your templates and worksheets.  You can even save the data as a .csv file and import it into Microsoft Access or other database tools.

Licensed for a single, individual user, The BNi BRONZE Database includes the man hours, material, labor, and equipment costs for over 7,000 items used in construction.  Organized in the CSI MasterFormat, the data in this Excel file lets you quickly and easily search for and find the cost items you want to include in an estimate or bid.  You can then copy and paste the data into your own estimate, and multiply the values by your quantities and by your markup rates. 

If you’re like most estimators who prefer using their own worksheets and templates, we think you will find this database invaluable.

Why buy the 2023 BNi General Construction Costbook and the BNi Bronze Database together?

Individually, this Costbook and database are extremely useful, accurate, and strong resources to own as you build better budgets and win more bids. However, when combined, these two resources are convenient, all-encompassing, and very powerful. This allows you to see the big picture when estimating your costs and save time, too.

BNi offers a no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee, so why wait? When you order, you'll receive incredible value with the latest physical Costbook plus the digital PDF download plus assemblies plus your easy-to-use Bronze Database in Excel format so buy today!