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2024 BNi Mechanical-Electrical Costbook

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552723

New Plus+ Version with Database Now Available!

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New! Optional Plus+ Version includes a fully bookmarked pdf eBook, along with an Excel database file you can use to search/copy/paste the data from the book!

Order the Plus+ Version and download the eBook and Excel database immediately!

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Although inflation has started to be brought under control, construction material prices have gone haywire! Aluminum is down 30% while concrete is up 13%.  Lumber is down 14%, but glass is up 8% and rubber is up a whopping 62%.  

If you want your estimates to be accurate, you need to be using accurate data.  Data you'll find right here in the 2024 BNi Mechanical/Electrical Costbook.

The 34th edition of the BNi Mechanical/Electrical Costbook doesn’t just give you the costs for major commodities. It presents you with precise details for over 15,000 individual items … from conveying systems to hydronic piping and pumps! For each item you get the unit of measure and the man-hours, along with the material cost, the labor cost and the equipment cost per unit all clearly broken out. Just multiply by the quantity from your takeoff and you’re done!

Now the optional Plus+ Version makes it easier to use than ever!

With the Plus+ Version of this 2024 Costbook, you can have this essential data at your fingertips everywhere you go! With the fully indexed and searchable pdf eBook saved to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device, you are never without the data you need. And the companion Excel database file makes it a snap to copy/paste the data into your own estimating template or worksheet.

Accurate, up-to-date data

You can estimate with confidence, knowing that the research staff at BNi has gone the extra mile to make sure every cost item in this 2024 Edition is based on the most accurate and current information available. The material costs have been thoroughly researched by our team of engineers and professional estimators. And the labor costs are based on the latest prevailing wage rates from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Order with confidence!

BNi offers a no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee, so why wait? Get your 2024 BNi Mechanical/Electrical Costbook, and – if you opt for the Plus+ Version – download the pdf eBook and Excel database companion immediately!

 Please note that this product will also include an automatic, no-obligation free-trial preview of the 2025 Edition.