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2024 NFPA 4 Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and lIfe Safety System Testing

Product Code/ISBN: 9781455930401
Help Ensure Your Safety Systems Interact, Operate, and Coordinate Together.

It’s critical that a building’s fire protection and life safety systems are tested for operation and interoperability so that in the event of an emergency, they perform as intended. The 2024 edition of NFPA 4, Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing, addresses building interconnection performance between multiple fire protection and life safety systems—from pre-occupancy through the entire lifecycle of a building.

Used in conjunction with NFPA 3, Standard for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, this document provides an up-to-date framework for test scenarios, minimum methods of testing, and documentation for both new and existing systems, plus comprehensive information on:

  • General requirements, including fundamental principles, integrated system testing team responsibilities and qualifications, and the test plan
  • Test methods, including sample issues logs and corrective action reports
  • Test frequencies, including separate provisions for an initial integrated systems test, periodic integrated systems testing, and existing system modifications
  • Documentation criteria, including the minimum required test documentation, completion documents, record retention and maintenance, and several sample forms that can be used to record integrated testing of fire protection and life safety systems
  • Explanatory material and a sample integrated test plan