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A Guide to Successful Construction, Fourth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557016522

Contractors can protect themselves and their companies at each critical stage of a construction project.

This much-needed guide shows how to avoid lawsuits and other problems by explaining exactly what the architect's and contractor's roles are during the construction phase of a project - as well as the responsibilities of owners, developers, and construction attorneys.


  • New AIA forms are explained in detail
  • A "Complete" book for the professional
  • Perfect for Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Contractors, & Facility Managers

This Indispensable On-The-Job Reference:

  • Helps with selecting a contractor
  • Reveals the most advantageous bidding practices
  • Shows you how to ensure that shop drawings comply with contractual requirements
  • Includes step-by-step procedures for resolving conflicts and handling the threat of legal action

You'll find help in:

  • Delineating the contractor's responsibility
  • What's required at the preconstruction jobsite conference
  • How to deal with consultants and advisors
  • What's required in closing out the job
  • How to deal with time and delay disputes
  • Tips for staying on budget
  • And much more!