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ACCA Manual N: Commercial Load Calculation, Fifth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781892765383

This Fifth Edition of Manual N has been updated and revised and is designed to provide instruction enabling contractors and designers to satisfy new, and often conflicting, energy, ventilation, and comfort requirements.

The comprehensive resource includes the load calculation procedure that addresses the advances in the commercial construction industry: new materials, methods of assembly, and operational requirements.

Divided into four sections, the book covers:

  • Section 1 Abridged Procedure: Basic instructions to perform commercial load calculations, on buildings of three stories or less -- Supports a simplified hand calculation
  • Section 2 Advanced Topics: Provides enhanced procedures, capabilities, and sensitivities (requires computer software to process)
  • Section 3 Tables: Provides input for the worksheets and determinations needed for the abridged (N5ae) and full (N5) procedures
  • Section 4 Appendices: Provides supporting materials and details on the N5ae and N5 applications