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ACI 332.1R-18 Guide to Residential Concrete Construction (3321R-18)

Product Code/ISBN: 9781641950138
This guide provides practical information about the construction of residential concrete that meets or exceeds code requirements. It covers concrete work for one- and two-family dwellings with a maximum height of three stories above grade and a basement that is either cast-in-place or placed as precast members. Information on materials, proportions, production, delivery, and testing is provided. Separate chapters on footings, walls, and slabs provide information on subgrade, forms, reinforcement, placement, consolidation, finishing, and curing. Special considerations regarding above-grade concrete systems (Chapter 6) and project considerations (Chapter 8) are included. Common problems and their repair are also addressed. Although the discussion of specific design provisions and all drawings provided by this guide are intended to offer illustrations of typical practice, they should be verified as to whether they meet the requirements of specific codes or project specifications. Applicable codes and construction documents take precedence over the information contained in this document.