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Applied Codeology Navigating the NEC 2017

Product Code/ISBN: 9781935941316

The perfect companion guide for electrical professions has finally arrived.  Applied Codeology Navigating the NEC 2017 will provide you with the best solution in trying to find specific information about the NEC.  Don’t waste time trying to flip through endless pages and chapters.  Grab a copy of Applied Codeology Navigating the NEC 2017 to help you locate your most needed answers quickly and accurately.  This guide will give you a toolbox of information if you work in the electrical installation or maintenance field.  By understanding how the NEC is outlined you will be able to use this guide to find information as quick as possible.  By learning where the information is you can use this guide to further enhance your understanding of the National Electrical Code.  As the world progresses and further uses the National Electrical Code at every level, don’t get left behind because you don’t understand it.  Use this guide to help propel your career even further.  Don’t get left behind in the times.  Stay ahead and up-to-date with this essential text.  You won’t regret it! Order your copy today!


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